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Our new website is designed to offer resources, information, and networking opportunities that are specific to our members. Here you'll find access to

  • opportunities to join professional forums
  • information about free and discounted services through TAIS partnerships
  • links to take advantage of purchasing discounts
  • recordings of past professional development events

Networking Opportunities through TAIS Forums
Coming soon! Look for an email inviting you to a professional cohort forum. 

Free and Discounted Services through TAIS Partnerships



Avindex, LLC provides training and consulting services to help schools in preparing for adverse events. Using due diligence planning, education, training, and post-event analysis, we equip our clients to meet urgent challenges and manage the consequences.

Contact [email protected] for:

  • 60 minutes of free, remote consulting for TAIS member schools for the 2020-2021 school year
  • a complimentary preparedness self-assessment analysis for each TAIS school

Lighthouse Counsel partners with independent schools on fundraising planning, counsel and communications, along with strategic planning and board development.

TAIS Member Schools can contact Jeff Jowdy at [email protected] to schedule a complimentary one-hour consultation on fundraising or boards.



 Vanderbilt's Program for Talented Youth is n a mission to develop talent in gifted students and those who work with them. Whether you are a motivated young learner, the parent of a gifted child, or an educator who works with high-achieving students, there is something for everyone at PTY. 

PTY and TAIS are working on several partnership options that will benefit TAIS member school faculty and students. 

Purchasing Discounts
Note: our purchasing discounts are offered through an eight-state consortium hosted on the North Carolina Association for Independent Schools (NCAIS) website.

  • Discounted offerings for administrative offerings are linked here
  • Providers who offer preferred pricing for TAIS Schools on a range of educational products and services are listed here

Recordings of Past TAIS Professional Development Events